Minnesota State University Moorhead List of Previous Senior Projects

Senior Project Information - Previous Projects List

This page provides a list of previous Senior Projects by our majors.

Semester Student Senior Project Title Advisor(s)
Spring 2021 Lucas Clark Burnette Testing the relationship between Heat Transfer Rate and Current in a Peltier Cell Dr. Shastri
Spring 2021 Deep Kafley Gravitational Water Vortex Hydro-Electric Power Plant Dr. Cabanela
Spring 2021 Ravindra Regmi Comparing Theoretical vs. Experimental Mechanical Advantages in Pulley Systems Dr. Cabanela
Spring 2021 Hirokatsu Suzuki Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic Using Mathematical Modeling Dr. Craig
Fall 2020 Erick Quintana Reproducing Fritz & Kallyvayalil’s work on the Palomar 5 globular cluster using galpy Dr. Craig
Fall 2020 Abel Eshete Motion of a Particle in a Gravitational Field Dr. Cabanela
Fall 2019 Adam Kline Making Measurements with a Home-made Force Plate using the Piezoelectric Effect Dr. Lindaas
Fall 2019 Boston Heaford Efficiency of a Stirling Engine Under Various Pressures Dr. Shastri
Fall 2019 Sakurako Tani Thermocouples Dr. Shastri
Spring 2019 Samuel Holen Modeling an Infinite Slot Potential Dr. Shastri
Spring 2019 Mel Foley Modeling and Understanding the Conductivity of a Sodium-Based Glassy Solid Electrolyte Dr. Shastri
Spring 2019 Andrew Louwagie-Gordon Examining the Hall Effect on a Macroscopic Scale Dr. Winkler
Fall 2018 Jane Glanzer B-Band Stretch Method for SN 2011fe Dr. Craig
Fall 2018 Aidan Shafer Approximating the Ground-State Energy of Helium Dr. Craig
Fall 2017 Luke Himmelspach The Relationship between Current and Temperature in Metals Dr. Winkler
Fall 2017 Donald Umeh Influence of Growth time on the Morphology of Nickel Nanowires Grown by Electrolysis Method Dr. Winkler
Fall 2017 Laura Maixner Modeling Galaxy Formation Dependence on Halo Structure Dr. Craig
Fall 2017 Zachary Deschene Bernoulli Forces on Acrylic Disks Dr. Shastri
Fall 2017 Andrew Block The Yarkovsky Effect Modeling the Effect of Solar Radiation on the Orbit of Asteroid (308635) 2005 YU55 Dr. Craig
Fall 2017 Paige Meyer Classifying Stars and Galaxies Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Dr. Craig
Fall 2017 Erin Aadland Searching for Extended Gamma-Ray Emission around MGRO J1908 +06 using the VERITAS Observatory Dr. Cabanela
Fall 2017 Elias Holte Modeling Heat and Mass Flow in Halite Rock to Predict Habitability Dr. Lindaas
Spring 2017 Jared Saunders Tracking the Changes in Epistemological Beliefs in General Physics Students Dr. Lindaas
Fall 2016 Aschalew Chamiso Imaging of Collagen-I Binding with MMP-I Using Atomic Force Microscopy Dr. Winkler
Fall 2016 James Diem Electromagnetic Coil Gun Dr. Shastri
Fall 2016 Kyle Hurley The Study of the Magnus Effect Dr. Lahti
Fall 2016 Dana Koczur Measuring the Accuracy Fluoroscopic Dose Area Product Dr. Lindaas
Fall 2016 Tyler Meehleib Modeling and Testing a Seismic Accelerator Dr. Cabanela
Fall 2016 Abel Tilahun Computational Simulation of HD 131399 Ab Dr. Cabanela
Fall 2016 Anthony Woltman Interactive Lighting Array Dr. Lindaas
Spring 2016 Ashan Perera Maximum Muscle Work for Increasing Load and Stance Dr. Winkler
Fall 2015 Nathan Walker The Ground State of Helium Dr. Craig
Fall 2015 Laura Herzog KELT-1B Transiting Exoplanet Dr. Winkler
Fall 2015 Casey Keller Thermocouples as a Power Source Dr. Winkler
Fall 2015 Michael Meraz Measuring the Distance to M67 Dr. Craig
Fall 2015 Benjamin LeMay Modeling Convection In A Double Paned Window Dr. Lindaas
Fall 2015 Kyle Salk Computationally Modeling an N-Body System Dr. Craig
Fall 2015 Wyatt Davis An Animation and Analysis of a Particle Undergoing Numerical Time Evolution Dr. Shastri
Spring 2015 Iwnetim Abate Modeling Semiconductor Solar Cells Dr. Craig
Spring 2015 Nathan Heidt Determining and Analyzing the Period of the Variable Star EY UMa Dr. Craig
Spring 2015 Andrew Larson Modeling Diffusion with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Dr. Shastri
Spring 2015 Beau Scheving Remote Sensing of Bakken Oil Flares Dr. Cabanela
Spring 2014 Meredith McLinn Source Extraction for Astronomical Images Drs. Cabanela and Craig
Spring 2014 DJ Houk Acoustic Analog to Quantum Mechanical Systems Dr. Shastri
Spring 2014 Tyler Lane Measuring the Dipole Potential of a Human Heart Dr. Shastri
Fall 2013 Aaron Peterson Determining the Period of V440 Lacertae Drs. Cabanela and Craig
Spring 2013 Wesley Teo Measuring the Power Intake of a 3D Solar Panel to a Flat Panel Drs. Lindaas and Jacobs
Spring 2013 Hollee Johnson Pinpointing the Period of EY Uma Drs. Craig and Cabanela
Spring 2013 Shouvik Bhattacharya Verifying the Distance of a RR Lyrae Star Using Spectroscopic Parallax Technique Drs. Cabanela and Craig
Spring 2013 Ishan Subedi To Build and Study Various Properties of Tesla Coil with Primary Emphasis on Wireless Energy Transfer Drs. Shastri and Lindaas
Spring 2013 Deep Kafley Building and Understanding an Electronic Force Sensor Dr. Shastri
Spring 2013 Uchenna Ogbonnaya Study of Valgus Forces on the Knee Dr. Craig and Al Kraft
Fall 2012 Nicholas Weir Low Cost Data Acquisition Dr. Lindaas
Fall 2012 Pragalv Karki Creating Helmholtz Coil & Quantifying the Magnetic Field Dr. Shastri
Summer 2012 Steven Ruckdaschel Microsoft Kinnect as an Instructional Tool in Physics Dr. Cabanela
Spring 2011 Devin Kasper MCP-Based Wind Farm Site Selection Using Variance Ratio Algorithm
Spring 2011 Alex Freed Modeling Magnetosphere-Solar Wind Interactions with Basic Fluid Dynamics
Spring 2011 Ben Forsythe How a smile starts with a G.R.I.N. (gradient index of refraction) Dr. Lindaas
Spring 2011 Kristin Brevik Detecting How Radioactive Isotope Decay Affects PET/CT Imaging
Fall 2011 John Harris Characterizing the Physical Behavior of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Films When Subjected to Uniaxial Compression
Spring 2010 Deepsha Shrestha Gravitational Lensing
Spring 2010 Heather Cegla Stellar Light Curves with the VYSOS 5 CCD Camera Dr. Cabanela
Spring 2010 Deyan Mihaylov Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
Spring 2010 Kristin Rosenau Rainbow Transmission Hologram
Spring 2010 Robin Smith Pulse Jet Harmonics
Spring 2010 Rajesh Dhakal Kinematics of the Super Ball Between Parallel Surfaces
Spring 2010 Fenner Colson Electromagnetic Levitation
Fall 2009 Alex Brandt Analysis of Barnes-Hut Tree Creation Algorithm for Potential Calculations
Spring 2009 Matt Mumm Creating a Mini Computed Tomographic Scanner
Spring 2009 Ross Smith Fun With Electrostatics: Exploration of the Van de Graaff Generator
Spring 2009 Damith Rozairo Measuring Morphological Changes in a Piezoelectric Crystal
Fall 2008 Moneer Al-Rifai Developing a Low Cost Solar Tracking System to Improve the Performance of a PV Panel
Spring 2008 Bernard Fraser Feasibility Study: Using the Vaisala GMP222 Probe and GMM220 Transmitter in Atmospheric Sounding of Carbon Dioxide
Spring 2008 Libby Hegge Testing the Limitations of Isoloc's Ability of Calculate Cartesian Coordinate Shifts
Spring 2008 Heather Sanden Feasibility Study: Renewable Energy on MSUM's Campus
Fall 2007 S.Z. Janjua Direct-Reading Device to Measure the Diameter of Nano-Pipette
Spring 2007 Tim Gustafson A Numerical Analysis of Earth's Orbit at the End of the Sun's Lifetime
Spring 2006 Kelsey Carvell Using Your Head in Soccer: Coefficient of Restitution for Collisions Between a Soccer Ball and the Body
Spring 2006 Charles Conduah Measuring the Magnetic Dipole Moment of 1H and Comparing the Relaxation Time of Different Concentrations of MnSO4-H2O Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Spring 2005 Bridger F. Anderson Nuclear Physics for Ten Dollars
Spring 2005 Pam Jeppson Construction of the Jove Radio Telescope Project
Spring 2005 Ryan Johnson Investigating the Cause of Anomalous Focal Points and the Issues with Making Zone Plates Digitally
Fall 2004 Sara K. Schultz Using the Tully-Fisher Relation to Improve Galaxy Inclusion in Mock Galaxy Catalogs
Spring 2004 Megan Sawarynski Building a Vacuum Cannon: Comparing Results to Those of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report
Fall 2003 Cable Hren Discussion of ULF Waves that Occur in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
Spring 2003 Brian Meland Resolving Fluorescence Lifetimes of Binary Mixtures
Spring 2002 Matt Holzwarth Building a Device to Measure Human Skin Conductance During Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Spring 2002 Joe Schwab Modeling Dark Matter Halos in Spiral Galaxies
Spring 2002 Matt Saarion Ionospheric Disturbances: Using GPS to Study the Ionosphere
Spring 2000 George Matthew Newman Numerical Simulation of Self Annihilating CDM
Spring 2000 Christie A. Delzer Determining the Light Curve of Variable Star SV Camelopardalis Using CCD Photometry
Spring 1994 Paul Seifert Color Magnitude Diagram for the Open Star Cluster M35
Spring 1994 Larry Armfield Experimentally Determined Moments of Inertia in Rotating Symmetric Ridged Bodies
Spring 1994 Tim Storsved Determining Chaos in Time Series Data
Fall 1993 Larry Armfield Projectile Motion in Sports
Spring 1993 Ben Meier Characteristics of Radiation
Spring 1993 Ben Meier The Determination of the Gravitational Constant Using the Cavendish Balance
Spring 1993 Ben Meier Scattering
? Christie Delzer & Mark Henriksen X-Ray Analysis of Galaxy Cluster Abell 2256
? Marian Elaine Melby Aanerud Plectra, Spectra and Mathematical Models
? Ryan Johnson Investigating the Cause of Anomalous Focal Points and the Issues with Making Zone Plates Digitally
? Sherry K. Fieber Building a Resonance Demonstration
? Michael Olson Asteroid Photometry for the Amateur Astronomer
? George Matthew Newman Star Formation of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Fall 1979 K. Jack Haugrud Cavendish Balance Experiment
Fall 1979 K. Jack Haugrud Acoustic Doppler Effect
Fall 1977 Jean Stolz Fresnel Diffraction
Fall 1977 Jean Stolz Acoustic Doppler Shift