Minnesota State University Moorhead Physics and Astronomy:
How to Donate

College of Health, Science, & the Environment

Donating to the MSUM Department of Physics and Astronomy

If you are interested in donating to the Department of Physics and Astronomy to help our continuing efforts to provide excellent educational opportunities to our students and outreach to the community, here is a simple step by step guide for doing it.

  1. Go to the Secure Online Donation Page: Go to https://donate.mnstate.edu/CSHE (this link opens a new browser window) for the College of Science, Health, and the Environment's donation page. NOTE: If you are interested in donating to MSUM as a whole, please go to https://donate.mnstate.edu/ and ignore the rest of these instructions.

  2. NOTE: When deciding the amount you wish to donate, be aware that the MSUM Foundation charges an 8% service charge on "restricted gifts." So if you wish to donate $100 to a fund, you may want to consider donating $108 (or more precisely $108.70) to defray the cost of the service charge.
  3. Enter Donation Amount and select that you wish to Designate the Donation: At the College of Science, Health, and the Environment's donation page, you can enter the amount you wish to donate and the program you wish to donate to. There are far too many choices to all be listed, so to donate specifically to a fund in our department, under the Designation drop down mention, select "Designate-Write in a Scholarship" as shown below

  4. Designate/Write in a Scholarship: At this point, you can enter the name for one of our funds in the space to "Designate-Write in a Scholarship or Department Name" as shown in the screenshot shown below:

    You can just enter "Physics and Astronomy" or if you want to be more specific, these are some of the funds we currently manage as part of our departmental activities:
    • General
      • Physics and Astronomy Department (Fund R531)
    • Scholarships
      • Roger Sipson & Gerald Hart Endowed Scholarship (Fund E135)
      • Physics Department Scholarship (Fund R020)
      • Walter Wesley Memorial Scholarship (Fund R630)
      • Walter Worman Astronomy Scholarship Fund (Fund R739)
      • Sustainability Scholarship (Fund R801)
    • Research and Equipment
      • Physics/Astronomy Student Projects (Fund R626)
      • Planetarium Renovations (Fund R638)
      • Feder Observatory (Fund R388)