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Physics News Feeds for Tuesday June 15, 2021

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Zhurong: New Rover on Mars
June 15, 2021

Zhurong: New Rover on Mars There's a new rover on Mars. In mid-May, China's Tianwen-1 mission delivered the Zhurong rover onto the red planet. As Mars means Planet of Fire in Chinese, the Zhurong rover's name means, roughly,...

Scientific American Physics Feed (Top 5 items)

  1. Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Come in Two Distinct Flavors (Mon Jun 14 1:00 pm)
    A trove of new detections suggests that the bursts could be the result of at least two separate astrophysical phenomena -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  2. New Radioactivity Measurement Could Boost Precision of Dark Matter Experiments (Fri Jun 11 5:45 am)
    The process finds minuscule amounts of radioactive material in metals -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  3. The Top Unsolved Questions in Mathematics Remain Mostly Mysterious (Fri May 28 5:45 am)
    Just one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems named 21 years ago has been solved -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  4. The Subatomic Keys to the Universe (Tue May 25 8:30 am)
    Surprising new data from the Muon g-2 experiment are turning the classical model on its head -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  5. Wormhole Tunnels in Spacetime May Be Possible, New Research Suggests (Thu May 20 5:45 am)
    There may be realistic ways to create cosmic bridges predicted by general relativity -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

PhysicsWorld Headline News (Top 5 items)

  1. Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission (Thu Feb 22 8:27 am)
    New device could boost telecommunications and be adapted for photonics
  2. Japan's SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions (Wed Feb 21 8:45 am)
    Revamped accelerator will soon be smashing electrons and positrons together
  3. Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel (Wed Feb 21 8:10 am)
    New material is made by compressing treated wood
  4. Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light (Tue Feb 20 10:06 am)
    Technique could be used to create quantum-information systems
  5. Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last (Tue Feb 20 7:55 am)
    Breakthrough could lead to new type of energy source

EurekaAlert Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Sciences News (Top 5 items)

  1. Inkjet printing show promise as new strategy for making e-textiles, study finds (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
    (North Carolina State University) In a new study, North Carolina State University researchers demonstrated they could print layers of electrically conductive ink on polyester fabric to make an e-textile that could be used in the design of future...
  2. Balanced rocks set design ground motion values for New Zealand dam (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
  3. Data and safety review board reports how it monitored the COVID-19 vaccine trials (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
    (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Evaluation of three COVID-19 vaccine candidates in 2020-21 during a worldwide pandemic was unprecedented in terms of urgency and scope. Responsibility for the safety, integrity and scientific validity of...
  4. Investigating carbonate mineral chemical variations to improve oil recovery (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
    (Texas A&M University) Dr. Igor Ivanishin, a postdoctoral researcher in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University, has firsthand experience with the frustrations of oil production. He spent nine years as a...
  5. Infrared imaging by ultrathin nanocrystal layers (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
    (SPIE--International Society for Optics and Photonics) Researchers reporting in Advanced Photonics demonstrate the conversion of infrared images to the visible, using ultrathin and transparent semiconductor nanocrystals.

EurekaAlert Space & Planetary Science News (Top 5 items)

  1. Cosmic rays: Coronal mass ejections and cosmic ray observations at Syowa Station in the Antarctic (Mon Jun 14 11:00 pm)
    (Shinshu University) Solar activities, such as CME(Coronal Mass Ejection), cause geomagnetic storm that is a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere. Geomagnetic storms can affect GPS positioning, radio communication, and power transmission...
  2. Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed (Sun Jun 13 11:00 pm)
    (University of Central Florida) A team of researchers working with data collected by the Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) at the Arecibo Observatory, satellites, and lightning detectors in Puerto Rico have for the first time examined the simultaneous...
  3. Dark matter is slowing the spin of the Milky Way's galactic bar (Sun Jun 13 11:00 pm)
    (University College London) For 30 years, astrophysicists have predicted such a slowdown, but this is the first time it has been measured.The researchers say it gives a new type of insight into the nature of dark matter, which acts like a counterweight...
  4. Boundary of heliosphere mapped for the first time (Fri Jun 11 11:00 pm)
    (DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory) For the first time, the boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped, giving scientists a better understanding of how solar and interstellar winds interact.
  5. Black holes help with star birth (Thu Jun 10 11:00 pm)
    (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) The cosmic mass monsters clear the way for the formation of new suns in satellite galaxies

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